Genre: Thriller

QUARRIES is a female-driven horror/thriller. As a group of women embark on a hiking expedition, they become brazenly stalked by a pack of predators, leading to a physical and emotional cat-and-mouse chase with an outcome neither expected.

The film was featured at numerous film festivals including the London Independent Film Festival (Winner: Best Feature), the LA Thriller Film Festival (Winner: Best Feature Film), and the Women’s Independent Film Festival (Winner: Best Narrative Feature). The film has also received rave reviews from genre, independent film and women’s film groups alike.

The film was executive produced by Diamond Cutter Films and directed by Nils Taylor, who is also the film’s co-writer and producer along with Nicole Marie Johnson. Johnson plays the lead alongside Leisha Hailey (best known for her work on The L Word and Bosch), Carrie Finklea, Joy McElveen and Rebecca McFadzien.

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Genre: Thriller

One year ago Lisa's boyfriend Kurt, the father of her infant child, went missing in the California Desert with five of his friends. When Lisa is contacted by a retired sheriff with his own insights to the case, Lisa and her brother Karl head to the desert, guided by the video footage recovered in Kurt's tent. Together, they hack through the lies, evasions and threats to unlock a dark mystery.




Genre: Drama

Ever the outsider, Davin hasn’t seen his hometown for five years. Much of the community wants to keep it that way. Davin left on bad terms and he returns with worse: he needs money from his sister Madison. As tensions mount, Davin learns that that his sister may need more help from him than he needs from her. Directed by Nils Taylor. Principal Cast: Wayne Roberts, Mekenna Melvin, Sabrina Miller and Kevin Flood.


Genre: Thriller

A lonely young woman discovers an abandoned car outside of her apartment and becomes obsessed with finding its owner.